Because people liked it, commentary with Joe and Luke.


Luke: Page 4, Is this the new hope anniversary page?

Joe: Sure. Why not.

Luke: is my favorite pokem… I dunno. So fun fact the bathroom thing is based on a real story. Except I was going to use the bathroom in 10 minutes. And the guy before me used it for an hour. And it smelled of hair spray. And I never got to shower.

Joe: That’s… kinda horrifying

Luke: School field trips that last longer than a day!

Joe: I guess. And you’re still bitter about it, apparently.

Luke: No. I just have good memory of weird things. So one thing people have commented about to me at least is Bert’s coat.

Joe: I’ve gotten people wanting to know if Allen and Bert are based off of anyone you know.

Luke: Not really. Though the scuba diver is based off of you. #funnestFact

Joe: I’m a dead Nazi made of kittens.

Luke: Yes.

Joe: Fantastic.

Luke: Also we shall be meeting for the second time this weekend!

Joe: Holy shit, y’all.

Luke: It looks like all your fanfic came true!

Joe: No one’s been chained to a radiator… Yet.

Luke: I meant the audiences’.

Joe: Oh… Weirdos. Oh right, did we wanna talk about the stupid coat or no?

Luke: What coat? I gotta get back to playing Brawl. Videja Games!

Joe: It’s “Vidya Gaems”. Jesus Christ.


See you next week Space Cow… viteyo gumez.