Once more, commentary with Luke and Joe.

Luke: So… comic. Uhh…

Joe: Oh god I’m sorry.

Luke: This is gonna be a disaster. Fuck.


Luke: I hate my life.

Joe: I HATE IT MORE. I HATE MY LIFE SOOOO MUCH. Wait. I hear something coming up. It is the angels coming for me.

Luke: I’m intoxicated and what is this.

Joe: It is finally my time. I knew that god was my true father. And that is why this life was so unbearable. It also explains why I have wings. I am beautiful.

Luke: No matter what they say.

Joe: Come Lucas, we must take to the skies. We shall hang with my father. And he has infinite video games.

Luke: What the hell is even going on anymore?

Joe: I am the second coming Lucas. Are you ready to ascend to heaven?

Luke: Yeah sure.

Joe: Sorry everyone who isn’t rapturing with me.

Luke: Dicks.

Joe: They earned it Luke. They earned it. Also heaven is in Ohio and it is a Skyline and it is this Saturday.

Luke: Yessss.

Joe: Oh god. Oh god.

Luke: Tiny Asian Jailbait

I don’t know.