Happy Birthday Day American and Freedom. Super Commentary!

Luke:Happy 4th of July! Do you love America?

Joe: Yes.

Luke: Well, I love Freedom too. Like the freedom to do a cold open commentary. Shit, I need to find out what strip we even have for tomorrow that we always post early.

Joe: 7.

Luke: Oh yeah. The one where they realize they are going to jail together.

Joe: Yes.

Luke: Man, I wrote a lot of strips with these guys. And we also met in person a second time.

Luke: Yes we did. Sorry. Also you owe me a quarter. That is like $1.75 now.

Joe: Fuck.

Luke: (Joe owes me a quarter every time he pointlessly apologizes.)

Joe: (apparently) (fuck me sideways)

Luke: Sure.

Joe: Oh babby.


Joe: Unf.

Luke: This year at JHHC, we got food, got lost and got comics.

Joe: We got lost a lot.

Luke: Were you aware getting lost can cost you up to a quarter tank of gas?

Joe: No. Fuck. My apologies.

Luke: That was an exaggeration. I exaggerate. EXAGGERATOR. Any plans for loving America today?

Joe: Well… I am going to love America by drawing poorly and eating a hot dog or something. You?

Luke: I sort of celebrated today by visiting family friends

Joe: Ah. How Canadian.

Luke: And today/tomorrow/4th I will maybe see a movie because it was a day with weather that didn’t include snow. Canada sure is a place.

Joe: It sure is, eh?

Luke: It is. Once I illegally went there and took a nap. To fuck da police.

Joe: Terrorist.

Luke: It was in a canoe. Are Americans Secretly Napping In Other Countries? More at 11!

Joe: Those whores.

Luke: Oh, we got in reader mail this week!


Luke: Dear Joe and Luke,
I like your comic and I hope Alan and Bert are going to fuck. If it won’t be in the regular comic can I give you money to see it.
Sincerely, Brian F from MI.
Well Brian, I am a bastard who will sell the fuck out. If nothing else, I will script that.

Joe: …wow. Let’s discuss your plan to All About Eve all over Curt Franklin.

Luke: All About Eve?

Joe: …what? too OBSCURE for you?

Luke: Oh, you mean my plan to skin Curt Franklin and wear him as a pretty dress?

Joe: Yes.

Luke: Curt, if you are reading this. We can work out the details via email. Or phone. Return my calls please. Pleeeeease.

Joe: Hahahahaha.

Luke: DragonDancerXX2012 wanted to know how far ahead we are in planning the comic.

Joe: Oh right. WELL?

Luke: Well junior in high school who is a dragon dancer. I currently am writing three scripts that contain 18 comics each night. If we update twice a week, each story takes about three weeks. By next week I will never need to write the comic again. Also I am generating free energy.

Joe: And it’ll just be me. Drawing. Trapped in some kind of stupid, stupid time warp.

Luke: But actually I do have scripts for about a year and a have dialogued out and about three years of ideas ready. For this series alone.

Joe: Gah!

Luke: Netflix wanted to know how the quality of SIlver Surfer Episode 4 was.

Joe: SHIT.

Luke: Oh. Okay. I thought it was acceptable. And one final question from Luke.

Joe: … Yes. Ask us shit. Or something. God you guys.

Luke: Or I gotta keep making these up. And god my multiple personalities are disturbing. We could probably do a weekend Q and A thing.

Joe: Yup.

Luke: Get more views.

Joe: That’d work. We are whores.

Luke: Yes. Until next time. YOU GOTTA SEE ME CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE. I’m a chaaaaangeling

Joe: Yeeeeeah….