Once more, Joe and Luke present commentary on Changeling with special guests – Depression and Calls To Action.

Luke: Shit, let’s do commentary.

Joe: Why the fuck not. Let’s go.

Comic Number 8, 2 more before the continuity changing #10, we reboot everything.


Luke: We’d be lucky to get a protest at a post office. Because… I don’t know.

Joe: Oh yeah… shit.

Luke: Protest the upcoming Changeling Reboot At Your Local Post Office! And take a picture.

Joe: …of yourself eating a funnel cake

Luke: This is like a horribly misinformed version of The Pact.

Joe: Exactly!

Luke: Ex Pact Ly!


Luke: My puns are brilliant bitch! Just for that you have to draw women this chapter. I foresaw this coming.

Joe: Fuck.

Luke: Before you were attached as the artist.

Joe: Yeeeeah…

Luke: I am from the future! We get all the Eisners. And you move into Shojo.

Joe: So kawaii!!!

Luke: Oh man, I just went to the wikipedia Shojo page, apparently the Anime and Manga topic has an anime eye for the symbol. Is that kawaii or not?

Joe: Fucking baka.

Luke: Even better is there is apparently a mod who changed the image of the eye twice. And reverted to an earlier one even though the artist wanted it another way.

Joe: What the fuck why!?!?!?

Luke: Oh and then he turned it back. All in about a minute. I want to just imagine the second he did that he got this giant pile of hate spam.

Joe: Hahahahaha.

Luke: Oh man, apparently in France the Hangover was called Very Bad Trip. That is pretty amazing.

Joe: Oh yeah, I know

Luke: Just like Yahoo comments. I ended up deleting my Commentors tumblr though. Almost regretting it.

Joe: Lol. Ouch.

Luke: “Was this PrezObama’s Idea? Something kind’a like bowing to the Saudi Leader?” in regards to Paramount letting the Captain America film be released as The First Avenger in other countries.

Joe: Jesus Christ!!

Luke: And three countries took them up on the offer. Russia, Ukraine and South Korea. Ugh, politics in non political things.

Joe: Awww. Ugh.

Luke: In other sort of news, I am debating ending Socialfist, the other comic I write.

Joe: Well buggery.

Luke: Partially due to lack of views and activity. Basically this is all your fault – @FakeJoeHunter!!!

Joe: :-[

Luke: We shall destroy him someday. So yeah, check out Socialfist, inspire me to continue because that would be pretty great. Anything else Joe?

Joe: Uhhh… nope. Well I feel like crap now.

Luke: No, I get to feel bad. Sadness party time forever until next week.

So remember:
Protest the Changeling Reboot At Your Local Post Offices And Take Pics (seriously if you do this I’ll send you something)
I guess follow FakeJoehunter and yell at him.
Also hover text – have you been noticing it?
And please check out Socialfist.