Commentary and Annotations Yes!

Luke:: White devil, it is time for the commentary. 1
Joe:: uhhh…. sure
Luke:: If I titled pages this would be Send Lawyers, Nerds, and Money 2.
Joe:: Why don’t we title? 3
Luke:: Because that would cause problems later on. 4.
Joe:: Buggery.
Luke:: Probably. So thanks to the one person who totally surprised us by boycotting the retcon. 5
Joe:: Yes. Your prize is in the mail. But not really.
Luke:: The internet mail. 6
Joe:: Yes.
Luke:: It will be there Thursday. 7
Joe:: Indeed.
Luke:: For those wondering, plastic cutlery is horrible for cutting skin, the CSI is real and so are hot nerds – LADIES… 8
Joe:: Smells like desperation up in here. 9
Luke:: Hey, I am not going to lie. I am a sexy vampire, get all upons me. 10
Joe:: So, how gay was homeroom 400 years ago?
Luke:: We did not home homeroom. Only opium dens. And they. WERE. GLORIOUS! But yeah, I am back in Pittsburgh now. I think we started this finals week so it is weird… yeah, Jeeze. Wow. Hot dogs. 11
Joe:: They gave you a vacation and then hit you with finals immediately upon your return?
Luke:: I meant the week we started Changeling. Also this quarter = super relaxed. 12
Joe:: Ooooh…
Luke:: In other news oh man the Socialfist get views thing flopped. Haha. 13
Joe:: Sorry
Luke:: It is cool. Fake Joe: Hunter got three more followers though so whateves. Socialfist should be back so and I figure once I deal with rent and some other things I can put up Socialfist ads. 14
Joe:: cool
Luke:: As usual, send us questions. And comment. 15
Joe:: Yes. Please. I am so lonely.
Raisin: Till next page, I’m getting Raisin Bran Crunch. 16
Making: And I’m Making Grilled Cheese. 17

1. Joe is white and therefore the devil. I am also white.
2. Send Lawyers, Guns and Money
3. I can’t write two extra jokes.
4. It would kill meeeeee!
5. Since it was only one guy though, still gonna retcon.
7. It is a cameo.
8. I repeat, LADIES.
9. Desperation For Men, to be exact. The cologne from the guy who played Screech.
10. I got retconned from being a vampire though.
11. Everything I know about Opium Dens I learned from Diamond Dogs.
12. Five classes, 3 of them are work periods.
13. *sharpens knife*
14. Also coming soon, Changeling ads?
15. I can annotate your commentary!
16. Ended up not eating this.
17. This is his slave name.