Luke: So let us commentate. It is number 10!
Joe: Yes!
Luke: Cameos! Women! Accidental Darkwing Duck References!
Joe: We’re going to reboot now! Mogo is going to die! And Sinestro is back in the Green Lantern Corps.
Luke: No, we are going to Reboot! *taps button* We are in a Duke Nukem knock off. I am a robot. Joe, you are a pixel. We have to stop the user or it makes his computer more crappy…. that makes no sense.If you win a game on your computer it gets worse?
Joe:Yes it makes perfect sense… to filthy Canadian animation studios run by Dan DiDio.
Luke: But yes. Our prize winner for the one guy who went to the trouble to confuse people at the post office was a cameo. And Joe drew a girl. Joe, did you die? Are you going to reincarnate? Are you a the doctor? I want to watch more Dr Who.

See you next week folks. Unless Joe did die. This ended the buffer we had.

More Doctor Who…