Once more, commentary:

Luke: Page 11: The one where the squid comes!
Joe: Ah yes, ejaculating cephalopods.
Luke: So fun fact – Bert never did say they were safe.
Joe: No he did not
Luke: Also I still can’t remember which is Alan and which is Bert mentally. I still see them as person 1 and person 2.
Joe: Alan: Blond douche, Bert: Jew.
Luke: Alan: Polo Bert: Uncircumcised nose. 😐 WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN!
Joe: Tragically born with a nasal foreskin, yes.
Luke: For whatever reason I am remembering one of those webcomic review sites that just trashes bad webcomics. Bad being a purely subjective word for the most part. And this guy posted an article about this comic complaining that even though all the characters were different races (of human) they all looked alike. And the great part was the guy took so much flack for it because they actually looked really different and realistic. It was a time that the trolls decided to actually call out a dickbutt.
Joe: Hmm.
Luke: But yeah. This may be the weirdest commentary yet. I mean I’ll cut out the beginning part about *redacted* but sort of stayed on topic. Sort of.
Luke: Oh right. Kenneth Brown writes
Dear Joe and Luke,
How does the writing work for Changeling? Is it just Luke writing it or does Joe get a say as well.
Joe: “what the hell is the logo on bert’s swaetshirt?”
Luke: Fuck is a swaetshirt?
Joe: Exactly.
Luke: I like my fake question more…
Joe: I believe they meant “sweatshirt”.
Luke: Ooooh. Oooh… ooooooh. Oh. Woooooo! BOO!
Joe: Well fuck your couch bitch.
Luke: Sad face. Until next page Changelingus.
Luke: Joe and Luke, signing off.