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Luke: Hello.
Joe: Hey.
Luke: Teacher. Leave them kids alone… Page 12.
Joe: Indeed.
Luke: Were you aware that coyotes attacks don’t look like poorly done manglings of corpses Joe?
Joe: Apparently not.
Luke: Were you aware that the best movie ever made was a musical version of Lord of the Rings staring Tom Waits as every role singing covers of classic pop songs?
Joe: Also apparently not.
Luke: It would be amazing. Tom Waits Gandalf would sing Paper Planes during the escape from the Tom Waits Balrog and instead of saying, “YOU SHALL NOT PAAAAASS,” he would say “NO ONE ON THE CORNER GOT SWAGGA LIKE USSSSSSSS”!!!! (The Bridge Of Khazad-dûm would be replaced with Paper Planes by M.I.A.). There is a guy who looks like Gandalf on the bus riding home and I thought about this a lot.
Joe: Jesus Christ how horrifying.
Luke: Without the beard I mean.
Joe: Uh-huh…
Luke: In more important news though, we are now pretty much taking orders for Changeling Chapter 1 and Socialfist Chapters 1-3 via Kickstarter. I say pretty much taking orders because we reached our goal. Buy it now before we up the price I guess or before you have to pay more for shipping.
Joe: This. Please
Luke: Also there is a really fancy copy of the Communist Manifesto that will be annotated in character and illustrated in by the Socialfist artist.
Joe: It’ll be sexy. Or something. Karl Marx doing a striptease.
Luke: Oh, also friend of the comics, Socialfist and Changeling, Jen Vaughn wants you to draw dicks in her Changeling book.
Joe: …Fabulous
Luke: And if you want a sketched copy, you should grab one since they are in limited quantities. Oh, and we have an actual user comment to respond to, Joe!
Joe: Aw shit
Luke: TheNoirGuy writes “You guys. I have just found out from your Kickstarter that this is a paranormal detective story. None of this information has come up at all in the 11 pages I’ve read, or even in the about section. This is a comic fail.”
Joe: Dear Joshua, bite me. Blame the writers.
Luke: Writers?
Joe: You know, you and your schizophrenia.
Luke: Hey, I am taking college psych. Schizophrenia doesn’t necessarily mean you have multiple personalities. And I don’t.
Joe: That was terribly racist of me
Luke: Yes… Anyway though. The, let me just say that I purposefully didn’t put any true information about the comic or Joe in the About page because of reasons. Joe, anything else to say?
Joe: I envy the dead
Baron Von Bratwurst: Good to know Joe, good to know. Until next week I am Baron Von Bratwurst.
In Desperate Need Of A Margarita: And I’m In Desperate Need Of A Margarita