Luke: Number 13, the strip of horrible luck!Which is why there are only 3 panels. To ward it.
Joe: I tried four and it just wasn’t working for me.
Luke: Well that is the curse of the 13th strip!
Joe: Well okay then.
Luke: In other news, thanks to everyone who Kickstarted us so far.
Joe: Yes.
Luke: Had I known it would go this well I would have cut it down to 2 weeks.
Luke: And we added more stuff!
Luke: Joe, I correct the spelling… and grammar.
Joe: Thank you.
Luke: But not this time. Yeah, 4 times the original goal is great. I went ahead though and added more stuff including a dinner with us at SPX. Which is where we will be with copies of both books. We will make it rain.
Joe: You have a weather machine?
Luke: No. All the paper cuts will make it rain blood.
Joe: oh. fun…
Luke: Yes, come to dinner with us and we will not cut you. Or if you will be at SPX you can tell us and we can meet up and give you your stuff. Since we’d be sending it out about a week later.
Joe: Right and let’s face it, you really have no desire to meet us anyway.
Luke: Hey, I want to meet my readers. Though most of them are more look-at-art-ignore-the-words-ers. And we are also entering the SPX prep gauntlet because there are a lot of pages to get ready so we can have the book prepared. And because I am graduating college and I need to go ahead and get a portfolio ready, find work and oh god oh god.
Luke: Yes, well I will greet the challenge. Because I am some kind of hypnotist. And since it is Monday we have another question. Are you ready?
Joe: Oh fucking joy!
Luke: Dear Joe and Luke, Would you rather have only one leg or not depth perception. – Anonymous.

… 14 minutes later…

Luke: Oh right. We were doing this. Till next week.
Joe: What? Oh fuck.
Luke: Haha. I’m Luke.
Joe: Yes you are.

Also here is the Kickstarter link again. Also ordering the book lets you see the end of the first chapter before anyone else gets to see it. Except for me. And the printer. And Joe. But it will be in the book before it goes online. #Incentives!