Luke: Let’s get commentary in ha!
Joe: Why not…
Luke: Changeling 14! The one where Alan took cocaine.
Joe: Yes. It is.
Luke: I did notice recently that I write a lot of establishing scenes and character development. I may have to just do a series about punching next.
Joe: Please do.
Luke: If you are interested in illustrating my series about punching, please contact me.
Joe: James Van Der Beek
Luke: What else… oh, I am shopping around for the best paper for printing Socialfist and Changeling.
Joe: That sounds super boring and I’m sure half out audience has dropped us.
Luke: Haha.
Joe: We are down to a torso that still reads this.
Luke: Well then they can see this picture of the Bat Signal I took. And read my two word review of 30 Minutes Or Less. Very good.
Joe: Hooray!
Luke: Yeah. I get to see movies early.
Joe: jerk…
Luke: I think that wraps it up for now though. My mind is burnt.
Joe: Yup.

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