Luke: Number 15.

Joe: ??

Luke: The ghost diver car crash page.

Joe: Oh.

Luke: We are surprise commentating because I am full of pizza and might take a long nap.

Joe: Oh.

Luke: So, have you ever driven with a ghost in your car Joe?

Joe: Can’t say I have, no.

Luke: I did once.

Joe: Okay.

Luke: And then it turned out, I was dead the whole time – but in the future. Also it was a dream. If you look at the shift, it looks like it says Dr Pizn.

Joe: Sorry.

Luke: Quarter. Also I am delirious.

Joe: I’m drawing a stupid comic.

Luke: Yaaay. Till next update. ZZZZZZZZZZ

Luke went away: Nap Time

Joe: now the dark lord beezlebub shall rise and show 9 million years of terror across the earth granting chaos and disorder like it is nickel lap dance day at the strip club.

Luke came back.

Luke: lolk