Luke: Mortal, are you prepared to enter death and a pact of death?
Joe Enter Death? I’d rather not have Thanos’ sloppy seconds, thanks.
Luke: Well, how about commentating?
Joe Sure.
Luke: Well, I figure it is time that you explain what “nut tots” means Joe.
Joe I’m sorry, when did I become the writer?
Luke: Exactly. If you were one you’d bullshit something about nut tots. And the origin.
Joe Are you drunk?
Luke: No. Unless soup makes you drunk.
Joe Was there vodka in it?
Luke: No, my liquor cabinet only consists of soup and two bottles of cooking wine.
Joe Oh baby.
Luke: If I want to drink there is a bar a block from my apartment.
Joe Oh my.
Luke: Yeah. Last night I left my apartment, got and finished a rum and coke and returned in 6 minutes.
Joe nice!
Luke: Yeah. And you know what else is nice?
Joe Do tell.
Luke: Socialfist, my webbed comic about communist superheroes trying to actually destroy America, is back.
Joe oh fu-
Luke: Tell all those people in Yahoo comments, my comic is actually about wanting to destroy America. And the leader of American heroes is not white!
Joe Bet they’d love that…
Luke: Yeah. He is like Mediterranean or something. And he loves helping Americans! Gasp! Boy Joe. I wish there were a way our readers could talk to us online.
Joe Yes. All two of you.
Luke: If only we had a forum where you could discuss theories and show us funny pictures. Don’t you agree Joe?
Joe Sure. Sorry, I’m kinda bleeding.
Luke: Oh god. What happened?
Joe Xacto knife. I gotta go.
Luke: … We have a forum!…yay?