Luke: When I post about doing commentary and Joe appears it is like calling out SHAZAM! in which case Grant Morrison can write 20 pages about it. 1
Joe: Yay
Luke: Another week, another step closer to oblivion. Which I wrote. 2
Joe: Uh-huh
Luke: Page 17. Nut tots and the origin got interrupted last week when Joe started amply bleeding. 3
Joe: But I’m okay now, sorta. 4
Luke: Yay. Well, the origin of nut tots is that I was trying to come up with a slang phrase but I also think nut tots would be like a Babe Ruth covered in funnel cake batter and deep fried. 5
Joe: and that was the best you could do. 6
Luke: No, that was the best the character could do. He is a bro. Two bros chilling and talking about some massive nut tots. Two bros deep frying their college rings while making some nut tots. Two bros being rushed to the hospital suffering from heart failure. 7
Joe: Hahahaha.
Luke: And then Alllean pissed himself. 8
Joe: The urine fetishists will go nuts for this comic. 9
Luke: They’ll go nut…tots.
Joe: …damn you.
Luke: Also I totally figured out how to do a podcast so next Saturday I will be trying that around 3 pm EST. It will also be a live cast so be around for the magic. 10
Joe: Oh boy!
Luke: And our forum is up and running hawt. Join that everyone, especially you… Joe.
Joe: I thought I wasn’t supposed to.
Luke: … what?
Joe: I don’t know…
Luke: Why would you not be on your own forum. There is a Cheer Up Joe Hunter section. 11
Joe: …oh god.
Luke: Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you adieu. Snickers ice cream bars up in this bizzow. 12
Joe: wheee~
Hank Pym: Till next update, I’m Hank Pym. 13
Janet Van Dyne: And I wish I were dead.
Hank Pym: Haha, oh Janet. 14

1. Luke started reading Supergods by Grant Morrison. Joe has already read this book.
2. Luke wrote the end of the first “arc” of Changeling at 4 am Saturday morning and he was crying fierce about it.
3. Joe is the saddest emo.
4. Joe is now a cyborg. Except white… and he is actually shown on Justice League covers.
5. Call me carnivals.
6. >:| Here he applied a level 2 burn. Blisters.
7. @Two_Bros at Twitter
8. Forum references!
9. Joe knows that he did.
10. Part dungeon crawl, part Q and A, part rapping. Possibly with a guest.
11. Totally my idea.
12. Bizzow – freezer?
13. Getting bigger, getting smaller
14. Link 1

Annotation Annotations
1. The irony is that Luke is probably the Janet in the situation based on personality. Mark this in your webcomic creator slashfic books and then toss them into the fire.