Luke: The soup tonight is crazy ass vegetables – Black Bean Jalapeño.
Joe: Okay.
Luke: It is black and kidney beans, tomatoes, corn, onion and green pepper in like a beef broth.
Joe: ehhhh….
Luke: It is good, decent bit of spice to it. Good – just like finding out you have … kraken insurance.
Joe: Nice segue.
Luke: Did you ever watch that Garfield cartoon?
Joe: Yeah I did…
Luke: For whatever reason I was thinking about the end of the episode where Garfield was addicted to ordering stuff on the phone.
Joe: I vaguely remember that one
Luke: And Jon threatens to kill him or something if Garfield orders something else and Garfield gets an elephant repeller but it has like a 100x money back guarantee. So Garfield somehow finds an elephant and the guy has to pay them back.
Joe: Yeah.
Luke: And then Jon kills Garfield. On the U.S. Acres the pig sells the horse to the glue factory.
Joe: And then the Third Impact happened and everyone dissolved into puddles of orange juice.
Luke: Wonderful. Cartoons of our childhood. We also recorded the first Koltreg Cast today.
Joe: Yes you did.
Luke: Divided into 15 minute or less segments for your viewing pleasure. Check it out! Joe and Allan from Allan shows up. Also coming up next week – something big in Changeling. A double sized Monday comic!!!
Joe: Yaaaay!
Luke: Also, this is the last week for the Changeling comic pre order/ Kickstarter. Everything will be slightly more expensive after this.
Joe: Right
Luke: So order that stuff! Or I guess buy it later.
Joe: It’s a free country, but it’s up to you
Luke: Buy our comics or hate freedom. Paaaaaaax.