Luke: Ghost inspectation.
Joe: Aw yiss!
Luke: Next week biiiiig news as we reveal the actual main character of the strip!
Joe: You are a master troll
Luke: Being a troll would explain me eating a really shitty dinner at 11 pm.
Joe: …I suppose so.
Luke: I made egg noodles and cheese and then remembered I had no BBQ sauce so I added chunky salsa.
Joe: …how are you not dead yet?
Luke: I only have really bad meals at home when I run out of good stuff like … food.
Joe: Oh crackers.
Luke: Yes but you can prevent this by donating to the Kickstarter. If we reach $500 we will post 3 pages next week! Thanks buffer! Also if you already donated to the Kickstarter, donate to Joe Hunter. Mega good times.
Joe: Yay.
Luke: Any other facts?
Joe: Noooope
Luke: Cool. I am going to go back and watch more Batman because I have a BtAS dvd.
Joe: I gotta draw some stuff.
Luke: kpax
Joe: lolbye