Luke: People are weird.
Joe: I’ve noticed.
Luke: Wanna commentate?
Joe: Sure.
Luke: And yay, we get to meet Jeff Seibert!
Joe: Oh shit, protagonists!
Luke: Jeff Seibert once slept with 10 women but didn’t have sex with them so he could call Ghandi a chump. Jeff Seibert is an ass.
Joe: Yup.
Luke: Also we have the title. The Case of the Ghost of the Ghost Diver.
Luke: Man, we are on this shit… 21 pages in.
Joe: I mean, shit. At this pace, we might hit the main storyline sometime in 2014.
Luke: 2014 the rising action starts. Going up that mountain.
Joe: Hot damn
Luke: Did you get the mountain metaphor as a kid?
Joe: No.
Luke: Ah, like the rising action is going up a mountain and then the peak is the climax and then going down is the descending action or something.
Joe: My parents tended to avoid overused metaphors.
Luke: I meant in junior high or high school.
Joe: My english teacher tended to avoid cliches.
Luke: Mine used them like the plague. By which I mean she infected students with killing cliches. We lost a lot that year.
Joe: Christ
Luke: DAMN YOU WORD WITCH! In more positive news, the Kickstarter broke $600 today. Thanks for the help Coelasquid.
Joe: Yaaaay.
Luke: And that means three updates this week! Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our concept of updates will be screwed.
Joe: Woo hoo.
Luke: That means two more commentaries! Are you excited Joe?
Luke: We get to talk more!
Joe: …
Luke: And then I put Hamlet 2 into my DVD player. Let’s kick it Joe! Onwards to infinity!
Joe: …I’m gonna keep drawing
Luke: Wooo! Well I’ll also be coding so yeah. Pax for now.
Joe: Toodles.
Luke: Oh also we moved the forum to LBFA where I got an article up on Comics Alliance.
Joe: Woo!