Luke: How is it going Joe? 1
Joe: it’s going.
Luke: Did you ever consider the humble baker? 2
Joe: what…
Luke: The humble baker, maker of breads and bread accessories. He weaves tales of fantastic magic with bread. 3
Joe: …
Luke: Do you not watch the news? The Bread News? 4
Joe: no. 5
Luke: And that is how Fred Seibert knows Alan and Bert are lying about not knowing about the diver. People our age don’t watch the news. Even if there is Magic Bread News. 6
Joe: uhhh 7
Luke: The Kickstarter went well, thanks to everyone who donated to it. We raised over $600 and will be getting about $530. 8
Joe: …okay, next time warn me we’re commentating. 9
Luke: Internet can’t tell if you are wearing pants or not. This is vigilommentary. 10
Joe: uhhh
Luke: Vigilante plus commentary. 11
Joe: o-kaay. 12
Luke: You are so off your A game it is like you are using that ae symbol that they made for explaining magic and selling overpriced clothing. Until Friday, we are partying and doing work. See you Changelettes. 13

1. Totally gonna pull a surprise commentary.
2. Bakers. Lol
3. numbers
4. Channel 703
5. It is worse than the Food Channel. It combines food porn and violence.
6. Flash Fact: Screw the tv news.
7. whut
8. Yay money!
9. Lol. No.
10. I am not wearing pants.
11. Commelante
12. I didn’t add caps or punctuation this time. #baller
13. Shit, what should we call you readers?