Luke: Simon McBelmont!
Joe: O lawd.
Luke: It is time that we shall discuss the comic we are to post.
Joe: K.
Luke: Once I find which one we are posting. Ahh, Killian’s Red Hands.
Joe: Yeah…explain
Luke: So you know how in horror movies there is the trope where if you kill the dummy that is trying to kill you, it will come back to life?
Joe: Yes.
Luke: Killian’s Blood Red Hands. It is the fact that a curse will continue to haunt a certain class of objects until the curse is dealt with. And you might be like “what if he takes the bus?” Buses do not service that area! Also it is 20 miles from his work area!
Luke: Does that explain everything?
Joe: I don’t hear the audience saying otherwise.
Luke: I at this time would also like to apologize for my computer totally shitting out on me last Thursday thereby keeping my from doing commentary. My laptop harddrive is sort of dangling by a digital thread and I am fighting to transfer it into a sexy new body so that I can go and download porn and check bank statements at home again. Anything else to comment on?
Joe: Lettering the last strip.
Luke: Wooo. Thus weekend then I will start putting the book together for print then.
Joe: Wheeee~
Luke: Now I need to write a 5 page essay on The Eternals after rereading it again.
Joe: Woo.
Luke: Not yeah. I have it saved on another computer.
Joe: Fuuuck.
Luke: Yeah. So Find My Lunch and all that. Hopefully tomorrow my baby will be fixed.
Joe: Awww yiss
Luke: And then I can toss it in the Apple Store to take out it’s lady bits.
Joe: … kinky.
Luke: Next week, revelations, tribulations and SPXication! Look for it! Until later, keep destroying yesterday men to save the future. Pax.