Luke‪: ‬ ‪Page 27! Real detectivism!‬ 1
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Yaaaay‬!
Luke‪: ‬ ‪Real commentary!‬
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Ehhh…‬
Luke‪: ‬ ‪So Alan Jarvis is secretly a reference to something.‬ Except I totally forgot it… and I may have made it all up. 2
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Are you sure you aren’t high?‬ 3
Luke‪: ‬ ‪I am not. I did just have a mocha coolata and a big toaster thing at Dunkin Donuts. #productPlacement‬. And I am pooping tired. 4
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Fun!‬
Luke‪: ‬ ‪Indeed. Also there is apparently a real Golden Memories Bar.‬ 5
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Gosh should we change it?‬ Golden… Showers Bar?
Luke‪: ‬ ‪No because it is a horrible name for a bar.‬ And Golden Showers Bar is also a real thing.
Joe‪: ‬ ‪…you looked it up?‬
Luke‪: ‬ ‪I just now did. Damn you Joe.‬ Apparently it isn’t. 6
Luke‪: ‬ ‪Or it doesn’t come up in Google which is possible.‬ Speaking of things that are coming up though – SPX. We will have books for sale or delivery! 7
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Yes. SPX.‬
Luke‪: ‬ ‪We will also bring a psychologist along with us.‬ To save on the hotel room.
Joe‪: ‬ ‪It’s so fortunate there’s a psychologist convention at the same time as SPX>‬
Luke‪: ‬ ‪No my dad is a psychologist and he is coming along.‬ Because I am getting a Nerdlinger. And Joe will be going to Super Art Fight. And my dad wants to be supportive which is cool.
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Yes, Art Fighting right after The Ignatz Awards.‬ BE THERE. 8
Luke‪: ‬ ‪We may kill people!‬ Also we will be eating dinner with people who paid to eat dinner with us!
Joe‪: ‬ ‪It’ll be kinda nifty maybe!‬ Those poor people!
Luke‪: ‬ ‪Cest la vie.‬
Luke‪: ‬ ‪SPX: The SPXocalypse!‬ 9
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Fun for the whole family!‬
Luke‪: ‬ ‪SPX 2011: ‬ResurrSPXion. ‪We will see you Sunday! Also if we sell 10 sets of books (not preorders) we will post three updates!‬ 10
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Sooo…. yeah‬.
Luke‪: ‬ ‪Buy stuff so we don’t go broke!‬ Or broker! PAX TIL SPX
Joe‪: ‬ ‪Bye‬!

1. Detectivism – support for detectives
2. No idea about Alan Jarvis
3. Stays sober.
4. pooping tired = fucking tired but more pooped
5. I didn’t look this up before.
6. Oh god I wish I didn’t look it up.
7. Changeling – $5, Socialfist $7. Both – $10
8. Or be Square!
9. Judgement Day
10. Basically if we get $100 I won’t be broke.