Luke: Oh dang it is Sunday night.
Joe: Yes. Yes it is. Very astute of you.
Luke: How Is it going?
Joe: it is going.
Luke: still haven’t put Socialfist and the combo pack into the store have you?
Joe: Fuck.
Luke: Gosh mate. I graduated, moved home and did lots of other crazy shit in the past week. Also I’m watching Doctor Who with my sister and sometimes the rest of my family now.
Joe: okay…?
Luke: I’m bragging. Bragging is cool. Bragga.
Joe: whatever helps you sleep at night
Luke: So page 32!
Joe: yeah
Luke: Alternate plans that turning Alan into the police!
STOP: What would you do in this situation?
Joe: Turn him in to the cops after becoming fed up with being treated like an employee by your supposed friend?
Luke: Is that a diss?
Joe: Nooo…?
Luke: Are you going to turn me into the cops?
Joe: noooooo…?
Luke: Good. Because nothing happened correct?
Joe: …sure.
Luke: Well if I was in this situation I would also go to the police because laws.
Joe: which is why you will always be a tool of THE MAN.
Luke: At least I am the tool and I’m not on the tool.
Joe: I have no idea what that means.
Luke: I am implying for you to infer that you are having sex with the government’s phallus instead of being the phallus.
Joe: …where did dicks come into the conversation?
Luke: Tool.
Joe: never heard that euphemism before but okay.
11:10:54 PM Luke: Really, like “stop being a tool”?
11:11:58 PM Joe: yes, but that’s more like “twit”, not “penis”.
Luke: Ah. Law. But yeah I think that sort of wraps up this. Want to try and do a contest or something?
Joe: yeah sure.
Luke: Okay. We will do a contest for volume of work instead of something for one person winning based on quality so everyone who contributes helps us to win. So if we get 15 pieces of Changeling fanart we will do three updates a week for the rest of the chapter!
Joe: if at least a third of those are yaoi, we will update EVERY DAY. You’ve got four characters to pic from. It can’t be that hard.
Luke: Is yaoi the girl one?
Joe: that’s yuri.
Luke: Oh wait, if a fifth of them are 63’d yuri art we will update every day for the rest of the chapter.
Joe: YES.
Luke: So 15 fanart pieces and the remaining pages will update faster! Also I need to wrap up chapter 2 of Socialfist.
Joe: Or something.
Luke: Or Changeling. It has been a weird day with weird remeetings.
Joe: okay.
Luke: But more about that in the future!