Luke: Yo.
Joe: Yes?
Luke: Commentation time! Drunk From Playing Catan Edition
Joe: …great.
Luke: That diver is gangstaaaaaa.
Joe: Sorta.
Luke: But yeah. Did we get any fanart yet?
Joe: Nope.
Luke: Damn it. Well, did we get any book orders yet?
Joe: One.
Luke: Well, when we get more I need to make those books made.
Joe: Uh-huh.
Luke: I am busy finishing up some website works for money but get those orders and fanart in.
Joe: Please. I’m assuming darling Luke here needs to buy underwear or something.
Luke: Actually most of my pairs are pretty old and I’ll be moving soon for work once I find it. Let’s see, what else?… No idea. Oh wait, chapter 2 got wrapped up!
Joe: For you maybe.
Luke: For me when I ended up having free booze access it is a big thing. But Chapter 2 is gonna be freaking awesome.
Joe: Maybe.
Luke: It stars racist puppet guy as he gets infected by a cyborg cat.
Joe: He’s lying.
Luke: I want to write that Nextwave story but with racist puppet guy instead of the police officer.
Joe: It’d just end up like that one episode of The Batman with The Ventriloquist only Wesker’s making jokes about Mexicans and Arabs
Luke: You mean Scarface?
Joe: Same difference.
Luke: They are fundamentally different though. That makes the character.
Joe: Pfft whatever nerd.
Luke: Ok, I am talking based on the animated series where Wesker was simply caught up in the situation.
Joe: Not in The Batman.
Luke: The one with dreadlock Joker?
Joe: Yeah. He went apeshit after getting booed off stage, turned to a life of crime, and ended up building a giant Al Pacino robot Scarface because goddamn that show loved it some giant robots.
Luke: I only saw the Dracula movie. Like 6 times.
Joe: Well gosh.
Luke: Work and Netflix and stuff. It was a sorta meh movie though I liked the Alucard thing.
Joe: Because it’s not like that hasn’t been done about a trillion times. IT’S DRACULA BACKWARDS OH FUCK!
Luke: TRACALA! I am the vampire Alacart!
Joe: Take your weakass west african chess knockoff elsewhere
Luke: What. I have no idea what that means.
Joe: Oh that’s Mancala. Never mind.
Luke: Isn’t that a type of pasta?
Joe: Manicotti.
Luke: That was a band that did Blinded By The Light.
Joe: You’re a band that did Blinded By The Light
Luke: Manfred Man.
Joe: Manfred Mangina
Luke: Come On Eileen.
Joe: who hasn’t?
Luke: Come On, Eileen.
Joe: Vic Mangina
Luke: Ok. We are stopping or else I’ll want Bailey’s from a boot.
Joe: And then you’ll wake up in a club where people wee on each other.
Joe: If you insist dear.
Luke: SPOILERS. Also damn, I haven’t seen the Doctor Who from the weekend we were at SPX. Damn it Time Warner.
Joe: Hey me neither.
Luke: Ahhhg. And I sent Time Warner a twitter message.
Joe: Yeah, like that’ll do ANYTHING.
Luke: They responded to check the site which was inaccurate. But yeah. Comics! Pax till next week!