Luke: Page 35 – The Double Length Guest Star Page!
Joe: Yep!
Luke: With Dylan “Big Red Robot” as the Old Ghost Of The Ghost Diver.
Joe: Sorta.
Luke: Sorta?
Joe: I suck ass at likenesses.
Luke: You do not. You just suck at self confidence.
Joe: I suck.
Luke: …dicks. In fun news. I got the reply function to wait by sticking it to the Chinese.
Joe: okay
Luke: Also there is a fight between our old cat and our new cat. Like Hillary our old cat is sitting on an end table straight up hissing at Oliver the new cat who is just napping.
Joe: That bitch.
Luke: Sort of. She had to deal with a dog last weekend. And then getting new cats to get along can be tough. Establishing dominance. And now Oliver ran over to me and started purring.
Joe: D’aww.
Luke: Ooooh. I also went to Office Depot, tomorrow I am putting together comics. When we can meet up we can sign and ship them out for you.
Joe: Right.
Luke: Good?
Joe: Good?
Luke: Livin’ Da Life
Joe: Quite.
Luke: Pax until next Monday update?
Joe: Sure.