Luke: Everybody! Everybody! Get Stupid! 1
Joe: Apparently you’re doing a great job of that. 2
Luke: But I’m not being stupid if I am explaining ghost facts it is a good intro. Also watching Blink. Whatever you do, don’t blink. 3
Joe: Girl whatever. 4
Luke: So the dead men tell no lies. That is a rule people know right. You know? 5
Joe: Yeeeeah…? 6
Luke: Well it is like, if you can summon a ghost you can control it. It’s like Necromancy 101. Necroman and wife. 7
Joe: Uhhhh-huh. 8
Luke: So yeah that is what is what. 9
Joe: Quite. 10
Luke: And then Friday if all goes well, your books will go out! Your, as in the people who ordered books. 11
Joe: Yeeeeah! 12

1. This is the Homestar Runner theme yes?
2. Zing!
3. In reference to the Doctor Who Series 3 episode. Man I love that episode.
4. I am not a girl.
5. I know that rule you know?
6. Joe is lying. He is not magic.
7. Necropolitan Ice Cream?
8. Shit, this kid killed his half brother in Law and Order.
9. is a gig is a gig is a gig
10. Verily.
11. So order books!
12. *play War Rocket Ajax outro*

Totally unrelated sidenote, Diver Deadman is my favorite member of the Justice League Dark.