The night was passing like my awareness. I’d taken three naps earlier throughout the day granting more and more lethargy with each set of 40 winks. I’d finally be roused from my sleep long enough to start reading for fun, old Doctor Who Wikipedia episode summaries.
It hadn’t been two days ago even when I was getting hit on by waitresses, buying comics and seeing movies with friends, talking business. I wasn’t sure what had happened either.
Family time.
A clock without any numbers, just repeated spinning of hands like some poorly coroegraphed move from a Kidz Bop commercial.
Dinner had been a light affair – a steak/roast beef and provolone sandwich followed by a roast beef and provolone, both cooked in the Foreman Grill and topped with some A1. I say light because there was no class. Even now as I lie down, my shirt have three grease spots. I’d been fighting a cat for my sandwich enough as it was. That cat.
Earlier the church had an animal blessing ceremony. 6 animals, 10 people, 4 of those people were from one family. That’s what got me to drink later on. That sort of imaginary motion of religion, blessing animals and baptizing them into something they don’t understand.
I finally opened the IM.
Luke: Everybody in the club is getting tipsy.
Joe: K
Luke: I mixed rum and off brand Mountain Dew.
Joe: Gross.
Luke: On my planet we have no word for Mountain Dew. We call it River Song.
Joe: …cool story bro.
Luke: So this is also commentary.
Joe: Oh
Luke: Yeah.
Joe: Fun.
Luke: Oh I also got all the books stapled. So when we can meet we can send those books out.
Joe: Right.
And then it was over.