Joe: Nothing.
Luke: It’s time for the Commentary!
Joe: Great.
Luke: GREAT! Since writing the series and then watching It’s Always Sunny I realized the series have a lot to do in common. In that both are about horrible people who do the wrong thing.
Joe: Uh-huh.
Luke: Also in causing me to not sleep at night news, we got yaoi. Wowie.
Joe: Someone actually did this.
Luke: There is also yaoi of you and me making out. Which is not the first time there has been yaoi of me.
Joe: Fun.
Luke: Yes. Also in other news – there is a new project coming out soon. Watch out for the Nerdcenaries coming soon.
Joe: …is that seriously the title?
Luke: Yes.
Joe: That’s awful.
Luke: It is awesome.
Joe: It is the opposite of awesome.
Luke: Vigilante nerds. Hater. But yeah, more about this next week. Until then, then.