This week we invited Dylan Todd aka Big Red Robot aka the Ghost Diver to comment since Joe wasn’t on IM. ENJOY!

Luke: Hey Dylan.
Dylan: Hey Luke.
Luke: Want to co commentate the new Changeling since you are the ghost diver?
Dylan: I would… Oh, what the heck. Let’s do this
Luke: We already are. Since you are also involved in Nerdcenaries.
Dylan: We just gotta wrap up before Walking Dead comes on
Luke: We have 9 minutes! Or less!
Dylan: Until disappointment! Yay!
Luke: But what wasn’t disappointing was Terra Nova Law NYPD Dead Angels. About the angle police officers who fight the dead in Terra Nova – aka angels with automatic weapons vs dinosaur ghosts.
Dylan: Or the whitney club
Luke: Or Gordon Ramsey’s Community-Factor.
Dylan: Good old Gordon Ramsey, worst human being ever.
Luke: He is the zen to the zhang of Alton Brown.
Dylan: Oh man. Alton Brown’s mole makes me wanna puke.
Luke: Mole?
Dylan: And he’s in those juice commercials which makes me wonder if they milk the juice out of that huge mole hanging off of his face. Yuck.
Luke: Why do you need to hate on the Brown.
Dylan: Because it is my nature. Seriously. Dude has a face-nipple.
Dylan: The Innernet.
Dylan: Yup.
Luke: (aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!) Anything to comment about being killed in the first chapter in a comic?
Dylan: Um, where’s my check?
Luke: You gotta check yourself. Lest you wreck yourself.
Dylan: Such wisdom.
Luke: From the youth.
Dylan: Speaking of…RIP sonic youth
Luke: There is no sound in space.
Dylan: Which is why noone can hear you scream.
Luke: Now go, Walk the Dead
<Dylan: Oh, I will.