Luke: Greetings Joe Hunter or as it is in your native language Hork Bajir. 1
Joe: Go suck a yeerk.
Luke: It is time for the final chapter 1 commentary.2
Joe: HURRAH!!!!!!!
Luke: This death brings us to the end of Chapter 1, but is it a death?
Joe: Gosh, why don’t you tell the boys and girls at home.
Luke: Only my brother is home and the cats are dicks to each other.
Joe: …
Luke: Like Hillary, our older cat growls angrily at Oliver, our new cat, so much that now Oliver’s happy purring sounds angry. It is hella weird. Hella. 3
Joe: Okay.
Luke: Chapter 2 is also starting this week! 4
Joe: Yaaaaay.
Luke: Which is about half the length of chapter 1!
Joe: Thank god.
Luke: I realized we’ve been running the comic for almost half the year.
Joe: ….19 weeks.
Luke: And there’s 52 weeks in a year. #ThingIMemorizedDueToDCComics 5
Joe: …
Luke: The whole 52 event which I never read made me remember there are 52 weeks in a year. 6
Joe: Well, yeah?
Luke: If you ask people on the street I am pretty sure comic readers are 5 times more likely to know how many weeks are in a year.
Joe: Maybe?
Luke: I just asked my brother and he said 56.
Joe: …Jesus.
Luke: God, I owe Geoff Johns for teaching me 2 things.
strong>Joe: This is sad.
Luke: The other thing is to not let him head reboots.
Joe: Yeeeeeah
Luke: And don’t let Jim Lee do redesigns. Did you see his Spy vs Spy? 7.
Joe: What? Oh fuck…
Luke: Yeah, it is basically Space Marine from Starcraft vs Emma Frost with a gas mask. Or let me correct that, Fallout level 20 character vs Emma Frost in a gas mask. 8
Joe: Oh god go fuck yourself. 9
Luke: Yeah it is pretty bad. In other news tell your friends chapter 1 of Changeling is done! How would you describe chapter 1 of Changeling to a reader Joe? 10
Joe: Supernatural Sausagefest 11
Luke: I think you mean Supernatural Sausagefest…Ladies.
Joe: … yeah. Sure.
Luke: Also I should have money soon so I can meet up with Joe and mail those books. And next time we will get the books out earlier. Until Chapter 2, I am Luke. Pax
Joe: And I’m going back to sleep. 12

1. Man, Animorphs.
2. With annotations.
3. Under my umbrehella hella hella hella.
4. The All Anal Final Chapter.
5. I pronounce the # by clearing my throat.
6. Meanwhile Marvel taught me what the Civil War was about.
7. Jim Lee, seriously. Please.
8. I want Robert Frost instead.
9. Will dooooo.
10. It’s like Scooby Doo with horrible people.
11. As opposed to Red Lobster’s Supernatural Lobsterfest.
12. We did this at 11 am.