Luke: Wanna activate commentary systems?
Joe: Whatever.
Luke: And so begins chapter 2 of Changeling – The Case Of The Ghost Samurai.
Joe: Because the audience at home would never have figured that out by reading the above panel.
Luke: Also this is the most Jack Kirby-ish chapter I’ve written yet!
Joe: Not hard considering we’re two chapters in.
Luke: And also the most corn filled chapter!
Joe: Fucking joy.
Luke: I know I am totes excited. Totes!
Joe: I bet you are.
Luke: And Nerdcenaries is going!
Joe: Yeehaw.
Luke: And David, if you see this I temporarily quantum leaped into this body. The Knosos Project works. The Knosos project works!
Joe: That’s nice, dear.
Luke: Whateves. Until next week!