Luke: Hey white devil!
Joe: Hello, Rectal Princess.
Luke: That is my Native American name. We tried to disenfranchise the white man, they named us in response.
Joe: Deal with it and get off my property.
Luke: We also mailed those comics!
Joe: Yay.
Luke: And we got together and had a meeting!
Joe: Sorta.
Luke: I got a flat tire!
Joe: I killed a man. Just to watch him die.
Luke: And in this issue! Hotels!
Joe: ANd their irate proprietors.
Luke: He’s at the No-Tel, Motel, Holiday Inn.
Joe: Uhhhh-huh.
Luke: And Jeff subscribes to Chronic Mambo Monthly!
Joe: Chronic Masturbator Monthly.
Luke: Awwww. Is that a real magazine? I mean isn’t there just the internet for that sort of thing?
Luke: It wouldn’t make sense to have just one magazine for our erudite tastes.
Joe: Of course not.
Luke: I mean I am into robots with tits who speak in Spanish accents.
Joe: I can’t think of anything I’m not into.
Luke: Well, I think that wraps up everything for now. And don’t forget – order copies of chapter 1!
Joe: I’m up to my balls in them. Please.
Luke: It is pretty wonderful.
Joe: My balls are awesome
Luke: And so are comics! Until next week Changelettes!