Luke: Punching Out A Minotaur Commentary!
Joe: Hurrah
Luke: Anything to comment about this page?
Joe: I hate drawing minotaurs. They’re just big gay indecisive furries.
Luke: What about the minotaur in that one Doctor Who episode? Unfappable?
Joe: …what.
Luke: In the creepy hotel one.
Joe: You heard it here first… gentleman. Luke pleasured himself to the minotaur in The God Complex.
Luke: It was also in my room when I visited that place.
Joe: And you had sex with it?
Luke: No. I can’t reach out and touch faith. Now also do you know why Jeff Seibert is a detective in Alabama?
Joe: Lax licensing laws?
Luke: No, there are no requirements besides a processing fee to become a detective. Almost every other state has some requirements.
Joe: Jesus.
Luke: Yeah, so you could be drunk and become a legal detective in Alabama – if you were a high functioning drunk.
Joe: So you might say that they are in fact really lax about who they give a license to?
Joe: Like I just said.
Luke: As far as it basically stands. Yes. I misread it as tax licensing laws. Until Thursday!
Joe: Toodles.