Luke: Merry Sharkmas Joseph Hunter! Will you fix the clouds?
Joe: No. Fuck the clouds. Fuck. Them.
Luke: But 4,003 people will die!
Joe: That’s a strangely specific number but I’m sure they’re all terrible people and have it coming to them.
Luke: Well this isn’t a set moment in time and I am putting the Daleks on the planet in the past so fuck your shit!
Joe: And I am putting your dick in a waffle iron in the present.
Luke: Well I already paid off the engineer to make it not work on dicks.
Joe: My waffle iron is from an alternate timestream. Deal with it, cockwaffle.
Luke: So a new page!
Joe: Indeed.
Luke: Ghost samurai that isn’t actually a ghost. You know how we can be sure it isn’t a ghost?
Joe: Because it’s fucking solid?
Luke: Ghosts aren’t real.
Joe: Just like love.
Luke: But Joe, our love is real.
Joe: Is it? Is it really?
Luke: Well it is a bromance. Also this weekend, Joe and Luke square off in a fight to the death!
Joe: Hmm. Okay.
Luke: The Death Of Boredom!
Joe: Oooh
Luke: I’ll be turning the big 22 on Monday. And I’ll be able to buy explicit music and rent DVDs that aren’t just in the kids rack.
Joe: He loves them tittie movies.
Luke: Tit-ties? What are they?… Anyway. Fun big stuff will be discussed this weekend.
Joe: Hurrah.
Luke: Until Tuesday!
Joe: Quite.