Luke: Joe!
Joe: Yes, Satan?
Luke: Hows it going?
Joe: I. am. freezing.
Luke: That sucks for you. But down to commenting! On the strip.
Joe: Duh.
Luke: Introducing Geromy the black friend.
Joe: Uhhh…
Luke: Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff reference.
Joe: No fucking idea.
Luke: It’s cool. I sort of fell out with it. But that is actually Sam who works for CJS’s Restaurant, formerly Darkseid Of The Border.
Joe: So, what do Chris Sims tonsils taste like?
Luke: No, we have yet to meet in person, CJS and I.
Joe: Uh-huh.
Luke: But yes. More will develop with sacrifice and delivery and friends and the last panel is a call back to Jeff getting tossed out of the hotel. Because we are going crazy with this timeline. I need to go watch Pirates 4: Mermaids And Shit though. More talk later.
Joe: And then Grant Morrison jumped naked from the bushes, screaming “HYPERCRISIS! HYPERCRISIS!”