Luke: Changeling Chapter 2: The Shitstorm!
Joe: Jeff is covered in feces and left for dead.
Luke: Saddest ending!
Joe: boners of sadness
Luke: Any commentary on it?
Joe: Uhh… I totally failed at making panel 4 look rainy.
Luke: He looks really wet and soggy.
Joe: Eh. I dunno.
Luke: In other news – we’ll soon be looking for preorders for Changeling Book 2 containing chapters 2 and 3.
Joe: hurrah.
Luke: And in secret news there are secret not so secret planning plans for Socialfist Vol 1 – a book of all new Socialfist comics.
Joe: hurrah.
Luke: But I need to get confirmations from the artist for that. That’s all for me though – any plans for you?
Joe: Uhh… possible Punchclock Hero GN? I’m trying to gauge interest on it.
Luke: Gauging interest is always helped by finding backup artists to do extra pieces in the book. That way you get people who read other comics as well.
strong>Joe: I definitely have one!
Luke: Well I think that wraps it up for Tuesday’s update.
Joe: Uh-huh
Luke: And remember if you aren’t reading it already – Nerdcenaries – looking for artists and writers.