Luke: Yo.
Joe: Hello.
Luke: I have made my own sloppy joe recipe!
Joe: Hooray.
Luke: And I applied for a position on Top Web Comics. You can now vote us up!
Joe: YAAAY and shit.
Luke: Oh fuck that dude is tethered by his nipples
Joe: …dare I ask?
Luke: Ahg, my dad turned on Choooo Chooo Racist Railroad. And the Native Americans were doing this thing where they tether a dude by his nipples and leave him standing to induce a vision.
Joe: o… okay?
Luke: CCRR is a disturbing show but awesome at times. And it is filling the hole left after Walking Dead.
Joe: Wow.
Luke: Ingrid Bergman is one of my favorite characters. But enough about AMC. Jeff gets his first case!
Joe: and solves it between panels!
Luke: Compressed storytelling to the max! Also it turns out the real monster was bestiality.
Joe: I’m sorry, I’m distracted by Paul Reubens’ stirring portrayal of a severely inbred Austrian prince.
Luke: 30 Rock?
Joe: Yeeeeeah.
Luke: What if the prince had a crossover with every other Paul Reuben’s character.
Joe: Bat-Mite would end up changing the channel
Luke: Hahaha. Well, I think that wraps up almost everything for this update.
Joe: Uh-huh.