Luke: Greetings human!
Joe: Yes, Satan?
Luke: I’m drinking a white blind Russian. Snowblind Russian? So we are getting things solved out in this comic. (A blind Russian is a white Russian with Bailey’s instead of cream. A snowblind Russian is a white Russian with Bailey’s and cream.)
Joe: Quite
Luke: So the beginning of this chapter (pages 1 and 2) are the most recent. And 3. 4 is the earliest, 5 is like 3 weeks later, 6/7 is recent again, 8 is a bunch of time zones, 9 is earlier again followed by 10 and 11 and then 12 goes back around to 8 with a bunch of time zones.
Joe: Changeling: Nonlinear storytelling for shits and giggles.
Luke: Changeling: Fuck The Police.
Joe: This seems a bit… masturbatory.
Luke: I am doing it to save the world from demons. I’m gonna save my cat as well. And then write a comic history book slash book about me fighting demons.
Joe: …
Luke: But for now I’m watching Zooey Deschanel watch porn. I dunno, anything else to talk about in this strip?
Joe: not off-hand.
Luke: Cool. Until next week, help us out by voting for us on Top Web Comics.
Joe: Indeed.