Luke: Happy New Year And Christmas Joe Hunter!
Joe: You too.
Luke: So we’ve been up to crazy stuff since out last update!
Joe: Yep.
Luke: But let’s get to the important thing – SPX and the next Changeling book!
Joe: Yeeeeah.
Luke: We want to raise $150-300 so we can get a half/full table. And then more money to print book 2 which will hold chapter 2 and 3.
Joe: Right.
Luke: So we are going to do this with a Kickstarter next week or if you’d like, hit up Joe or I and you can help us ahead of time.
Joe: God willing.
Luke: And last year they ran out of spots in February so if you follow on Twitter we’ll also be pimping it out there.
Joe: Oh my god we are so screwed
Luke: No we aren’t. $150 isn’t much.
Joe: Maybe. hopefully kickstarter will accept this.
Luke: They usually are lenient. A guy wanted to raise money for one bottle of gin.
Joe: ….you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
Luke: He got that money.
Joe: Jesus.
Luke: Yeah, it was like $50 but still. We have good Internet friends.
Joe: Right. And at some point I need to set up a Kickstarter for the Punchclock Hero book that I’ll hopefully have done and in hand by the time September rolls around… Oh fuck. I’m so screwed.
Luke: And I’ll be working on the Kickstarter for the new Socialfist book with Mxy by then. Hopefully. Also in Changeling actually commentary – tentacled monsters who are no registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.
Joe: Or the estate of HP Lovecraft… does he have an estate? Oh well.
Luke: He does but it is full of gold bugs, ushers and hearts under floorboards that are inhumanly loud. Also orangoutangs.
Joe: Uh-huh.
Luke: I’d actually love to see Lovecraft haunted by monsters from Poe stories.
Joe: Riiiight…
Luke: Lovecraft and Poe hate each other because Lovecraft is racist.
Joe: yeeeeah
Luke: So this chapter is wrapping up soon with hundreds of questions that we can answer for you – in fact leave questions in the comments please readers.
Joe: Please.
Luke: My New Year’s resolution is to tell more people that I like what they do. Joe, I enjoy your work, both Changeling and otherwise.
Joe: …
Luke: I don’t enjoy Funky Winkerbean though.
Joe: Good to know.
Luke: I also have a problem Joe, I just keep crafting these gems.
Joe: What.
Luke: I am stuck in a metaphorical labyrinth where I just craft gems.
Joe: Uh-huh.
Luke: The metaphor is actually Gemcraft Labyrinth.
Joe: Riiiight.
Luke: I think that is all for now. Until Tuesday!
2:02:21 Joe: Byyyye