Luke: Commentary times!
Joe: Ya-fucking-hoo.
Luke: We got a Kickstarter! Into high gear!
Joe: We’re $9 short! In the unlikely event you’re reading this, donate!
Luke: And every extra money we get means a better chance of us going to another convention!
Joe: I was told we need more donor levels!
Luke: We can add them – Phil Kahn requested a Fried Chicken Level. Do you have any ideas for more levels?
Joe: Uhh… the Public Humiliation Level? I don’t know. The Phil Kahn Memorial Fried Chicken: Turbo Edition Level?
Luke: Haha. If you would like us to come to a convention around the Ohio area and want to donate, we can look into coming out. How about the Knife Fight Level?
Joe: The Dwarven Concubine Level. The Drunk Amish Guy Level.
Luke: The ODB Memorial Level.
Joe: The Creepy Uncle Who Smells Like Nacho Farts Level.
Tim Burton’s The Last Temptation of Christ Level.
Luke: The Akira Kurosawa Step Up 3-D Level.
Joe: Marcus Samuelsson In A Clown Wig Level.
Cuddlecore Level.
Luke: The Hobbit Episode 3 Fan Fapping Level.
Joe: Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli’s Excellent Adventure Level.
Luke: The Jack Skellington Muscular Dystrophy Level.
Joe: The Dick Joke Level.
Luke: The Dick Army Level.
Joe: The Hoarders Level.
Luke: The I Am Also Looking For An Artist For My New Version Of Socialfist Level.
Joe: The Dying Alone Level.
Luke: The Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song Level.
Joe: The I Need A Fucking Nap Because I Have More Work To Do Let’s Wrap This Up Level.
Luke: Cool, well we are wrapping up this chapter so I’ll toss in links. Thanks Joe.
Joe: Yeeeeeah