Luke: Happy Chapter 3 Joe Hunter! (This is a commentary.)
Joe: (no shit, nancy drew)
Luke: (It’s name is the Talking Heads). Last time on Changeling, Jeff Seibert took a gun shot to the head. And we have some questions from the readers!
Joe: We have readers?
Luke: Oh we do.
Joe: huh.
Luke: How tall is this guy? – Jety Lefr.
Jeff is something like 5’8″? Joe, you draw him. Any idea?
Joe: …that short? I was thinking like 6’10”.
Luke: Close to 7 feet tall?
Joe: Tall. Freakishly lanky. I dunno.
Luke: Ah… Huh.
Who’s the Misfits fan? – RhythmBastard
Joe: ‘Sup.
Luke: Is Jeff dead? – Jon Hex
Yes. Mofo took a bullet to the head. And was killed by a treasure monster.
Joe: He’s doubledead. He is all the deads. He’s double dog dead. Dildo.
Luke: Originally he wasn’t going to die at the end of that chapter but then people were confused so I killed the main character again.
Joe: Which will clear up everything. Obviously.
Luke: Well yeah, Death: the ultimate retcon!
Joe: Just ask DC.
Luke: The end? – Jety Lefr? Never.
Joe: YES. Shit.
Luke: Hahaha. You are stuck drawing this boy.
Joe: I’m sorry, “boy”? I am not your indentured fucking servant.
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Luke: I meant boyeeeee. Noooooooo.

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