Luke: Hey Party Rock. Feeling better?
Joe: define “better”.
Luke: Not dead?
Joe: sure. “better”.
Luke: So you added in the spawning pools thing I see.
Joe: uhhhh-huh
Luke: Coolio. Well I am gonna post and the possibly add more to the CYOA.
Joe: CYOA?
Luke: The Changeling Choose Your Own Adventure.
Joe: oh.
Luke: Yeah, every choice is canon.
Joe: how does that even work?
Luke: Spoilers
Joe: ooh
Luke: Yeah. Really unspoilery spoilers.
Joe: lol
Luke: Skips is immortal.
Joe: shit
Luke: And then Kirby took over Krang.
Joe: uhhhh
Luke: And Goku is doing tech repair. Life is madness.
Joe: are you high
Luke: No, I am watching Regular Show and playing Abobo’s Big Adventure.
Joe: riiiiight
Luke: Abobo’s Big Adventure is like a massive composite of NES games and characters.
Joe: uh-huh…
Luke: So like one boss is Krang from TMNT and then Kirby eats him and gets in the robot.
Joe: da fuq
Luke: Gonna posta ghosta now.