Luke: Greetings Joe Hunter. Are you getting enough oxygen? 1
Joe: Unfortunately, yes.
Luke: Hahaha, you make us all worry sometimes. And then we Facebook messages your mom. 2
Joe: you what
Luke: Oh yeah. When we didn’t hear from you everyone was like “Luke, can you find his mom on Facebook and try contact her”?
Joe: … jesus. she has no idea how messages work anyway.
Luke: Ahahaha. So, we should be able to super 100% be able to announce that we are going to Heroes Con next week.
Joe: Wheee~
Luke: Yes. You can see Matt Fraction and us! We might even be Matt Fraction! Also appearing – Spam Ultron??? 3
Joe: Not likely!
strong>Luke: And we finally also get to see more homoerotic adventures of the chronolord and Jeff.
Joe: we’re calling him a chronolord now? really? REALLY?
Luke: Timelord is copyrighted? Ironically by the band time lord.
Joe: …are you kidding 4
Luke: It is an erotic steampunk hip hop team.
Joe: …
Luke: The have the weakest beats but their bronzed parachute pants are hilarious.
Joe: … I want a divorce. 5
Luke: Joe, to do that we’d need to be gay married. And with Boehner as the governor that won’t happen for a while.
Joe: Boner isn’t the governor…?
Luke: He’ll be the governor in the Walking Dead sense of the character. 6
Joe: Oh.
Luke: I had a brain fart. I meant representative. It has been a long day.
Joe: riiiiight
Luke: I am also at the point where I am just going to stop reading comics news and culture. The shit is just immature people refusing to grow up 90% of the time. 7
Joe: Adults reading picture books acting immature? OH MY GAWD.
Luke: I mean about all the gender issues in comics. People who maybe don’t forget it but the people who don’t give a shit in any capacity or who are antagonistic to equality in the media.
Joe: I know
Luke: Plus this Earth 2 stuff is bumming my face.
Joe: Yeeeeeah
Luke: And Shazam?
Joe: Just… stupid.
Luke: Yeah, that is why I am writing my ersatz Shazam piece “Pharaoh and The Ibis” and posting it to Tumblr. 8
Joe: yeeeeeah
Luke: Joe Hunter called it “…wow”
Joe: I did indeed.
Luke: It has snow and orphans just like Oliver Twist. 9
Joe: yeeeeeah
Luke: Well that was me doing a shameless plug. Anything new for you to pimp?
Joe: Uhh… not especially?
Luke: Well, we will be back Thursday or Friday then with more Changeling!
Joe: Woo! 10

1. Hahaha, references
2. Thanks Justin, Tara, Jason, Jordan, Kevin, Chris, Neil, Niel, Young Neil, Kim, Chris, Jim, Daniel, Jon and Madeleine for your concerns.
3. He will be on a panel.
4. Yes.
5. So do I, Joe isn’t a woman at all.
6. Plan to leave Ohio if we get zombies.
7. Except webcomics.
10. YEAH!