Luke: Hey Joe. How are you?
Joe: I have been better.
Luke: Me too. I am pooped.
Joe: Great.
Luke: Comrade Obozobummer’s convoy stopped me in traffic for 40 minutes. It was fun.
Joe: Nice to know that you only call me when you’re bored.
Luke: I also called Andrew and Tim. I called you first though because
I just called to say I love you.
I just called to say I understand
I just called to say I missed you
I just called cuz sometimes sex with a man. (Note: I do not actually want sex with a man.)
Joe: I want a divorce
Luke: I think we did this joke last time where I said we weren’t married yet.
Joe: The fact still stands.
Luke: I need this tax status Joe. Or else I get deported.
Joe: Okay then Sandra Bullock.
Luke: Is diabetes guy going to save me at the rodeo from the guy who tried to kill me.
Joe: No. Murphy Brown and William Shatner are going to beat you to death with a tire iron.
Luke: Wait, I thought you were Hugh Grant. I am confused now. Also wasn’t Murphy Brown the character?
Joe: Whatever, Cowboy Curtis.
Luke: I am so confused. Why is Sally Sparrow hanging with Hal and The Notebook in a car.
Joe: Because that is what she wants in life. Hanging out in cars with strange men.
Luke: Anyway, we are back from Changeling ready to kick ass.
Joe: Yes
Luke: And Heroes Con is still a go! Tell your kids!
Joe: Yay!
Luke: Have kids so you can tell them! And I think that is it for now
Joe: Yep.