Luke: Hey Joe!
Joe: Yes, Satan?
Luke: Awww, you noticed.
Luke: I won cash money in trivia.
Joe: Hurrah
Luke: $5 Hollar!
Joe: I usually charge $20 for the hollaring…
Luke: I also had a Hawaiian burger.
Joe: was it a tasty burger?
Luke: Not too bad. Also sweet potato fries.
Luke: And the taste of victory!
Joe: yay
Luke: Victory by merit of getting a tie in the last round.
Joe: what?
Luke: I tied with the winning team in the last round but they won every other round and there were 8 people.
Luke: Vs me.
Luke: and 1 other guy.
Luke: And we almost won if we’d gone through with my guess of Reba.
Joe: Okaaaay?
Luke: And then I got $5 to the restaurant. It is magical.
Luke: I dunno if we have any other comic stuff to discuss.
Joe: I have an announcement but not yet
Luke: I have something I can’t officially announce yet as well
Luke: (Joe is preggo with our baby)
Joe: Yeah. No. Fuck you.
Luke: Until Thursday!