Luke: Hey!
Joe: Hey.
Luke: I’m a blackhole!
Joe: that’s what she said.
Luke: So I am sort of possibly working on a pixel digital comic now. Life is amazingly weird! What is up with you?
Joe: Okay. Uhh… worrying that I don’t have the ability to work on the comic I’m doing. Thanks for asking.
Luke: I am sorry to hear you are having doubts. What comic are you having doubts for?
Joe: Can’t talk about it. Moving on.
Luke: Awww. Happy Jesus Death Weekend!
Joe: Yaaaay Jewish carpentry zombie.
Luke: Hooray for religiously trained parents!
Joe: wheeee~
Luke: My parents said the Easter bunny would be too tired this year to hide eggs and candy.
Joe: the easter bunny is a lazy shit
Luke: I blame Russell Brand. And also Econ and Me.
Joe: Christ.
Luke: You made me realize I still know that theme song. And the theme song for Read All About It. I … this is not my beautiful wife/house/life. My god what have I done? I am out of logical conclusions.
Joe: Yup.
Luke: I’ll leave you guys with this video of music.
Joe: That works.