and then the world ended. Beau had some work come up so the chapter which ,solely by my fault, got really messed up ended abruptly. At least for this universe. So I blew up the world. Tuesdays, am I right? (No I am kind of horrible).

Luckily the next chapter – The Case of the Stand Up Man will be later this week with Joe Hunter back at the artistic helm and the story is a good one. I finished it all (part of the problem with this is I tried to just let it develop without a main idea) so it is 30 pages of mystery that will wrap up series 1 of Changeling before we go into a Mighty Boosh-esqe reboot. What will it contain? Will we ever see Alan and Bert? Do people even like this?
Oh god I am so alone.

Find out later this week on Changeling!