To all Tall Comics readers coming over here because I’ve linked you here, most of whom, I assume, have no idea what you’re reading:

The basic premise of this comic, Changeling, is that this guy Jeff encounters paranormal stuff, and then dies. We see him in multiple universes, with different characters, encountering weird stuff and then getting killed. I am told that it all ties together in some way, but really, all you need to know in order to understand this particular strip is that this character dies in every installment.

To all Changeling readers: Go read my comic.

I was planning on doing just a three-panel thing here, since I had briefly glanced at Changeling before, and seen a lot of three-panel strips. I thought that it was going to be easy. Then I actually, uh, read the archive, and discovered that there was really no way to do a three-panel Changeling comic that would be at all entertaining for anyone. So, drawing from my extensive familiarity with the “Gypsy Curse” TV Tropes article, I came up with a concept that seemed like the kind of thing that Luke Herr would be into. Then I somehow wrestled it into 21 panels.

It was a lot of fun. I haven’t done anything plot-driven or not-exclusively-comedy in a very long time, and I feel pretty cool for pulling it off to the extent that I did.

Anyway, thanks, or you’re welcome, or whatever, Luke. Whatever you say when you make a guest comic for someone, I would like to say that right now.

(Luke: Thank you for doing this Eli! You did a fantastic job!
Also Unwinder’s Tall Comics is a fantastic series and you guys should read that stuff!)