Luke: Hummus!
Joe: Okay.
Luke: Want to do a pre chapter 2 commentary?
Joe: Why not?
Luke: Chapter 2 starts on Thursday/Wednesday and it will blow people the hell away!
Joe: Uh-huh.
Luke: Now Joe, were you aware that this version of chapter one of Changeling was originally drafted as a pilot for a Flash animated series?
Joe: No. Please elaborate, oh great one.
Luke: Well, I wanted to do another comic during the long hiatus of Socialfist and a contact, Zikri Kader was interested in collaborating with me. The first version of the script was slower and didn’t mention “nut tots” at all. I ended up reworking it though and even recorded a really bad one man vocal track for it ending at about 12 minutes or so. Zik got busy though with work and I was sitting on about 8 scripts that I still have and got Joe to do the series instead. End Elaboration. Truth be told, Joe has a style that is better suited to the story, more rough and he has a mastery of shading.
Joe: Uhhh-huh.
Luke: Now Joe, you’ve seen some of the ideas for chapter 2 correct?
Joe: Yep.
Luke: Some of those were not good, would you say?
Joe: I guess.
Luke: This is your chance to dish on me – what was my drunken idea for the chapter 2 that was the worst.
Joe: The part where Jeff was kidnapped by a punk band and raped for days on end in order to teach children that rock and roll is bad.
Luke: That… never happened.
Joe: did you actually go back and check?
Luke: I know what I write. I was trying to hint at the suspender man. Remember the suspender man?
Joe: Good, because those were the events of Batman: Fortunate Son. And yes I do.
Luke: Suspender Man is like Slenderman.
Joe: But gayer.
Luke: And he’s just an old lawyer. So chapter 2 is The Case Of The Samurai Ghost.
Joe: Uh-huh.
Luke: Any hints you want to say about the comic?
Joe: No one gets raped for days on end by a punk band.
Luke: And also, samurai ghost. Boss! See you tomorrow for the update.