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There are many games based on empire management, taking inspiration from the history books, and they usually deal with Medieval Europe or ancient empires like Rome or Egypt. Game of Sultans, however, puts you in the shoes of Sultan of the mighty Ottoman Empire, one of the last Empires that existed in the modern World, reaching even all the way into the 20th century.

In Game of Sultans, you’ll be managing the empire from its early days and well into the peak of its strength. Will you be the Sultan all your people will remember for centuries after your death, or will your reign be fast forgotten in the turbulent tides of history? It’s up you to ensure the former as you skillfully navigate through each aspect of being a Sultan including war campaigns, Vizier management, resource attainment, romancing the perfect consorts and getting strong heirs and allying yourself with the neighboring rulers. It can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you’re not used to games in this style. This is why we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide of tips and tricks you can utilize to improve your performance as ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Read on!

This seems intuitive and logical, but it’s paramount to being successful in Game of Sultans. The more time you spend in the game and the more you click, the more you can get out of it. The game rewards you for coming back to it, and you’ll be on your way to becoming the Sultan every citizen hopes for if you stay vigilant and tend to the needs of your empire. This means completing your quests as soon as they come up, successfully winning your campaign battles, getting all the small bonuses you can at your Imperial Palace, like the ones the fortune teller gives you and making good on every little offer the game gives, in order to get that edge. Every other tip in this guide can be seen as a corollary of this one, so keep that in mind.

Leveling up grants you a variety of new abilities, including unlocking some of the facilities at the palace like the Masquerade, where you get to meet your potential love interests, or the Arena, where your trusty Viziers help you in PvP combat. However, the biggest benefit from leveling up is the increase in levies at your Imperial Parliament, granting you the ability to gather Wealth, Grain and Soldiers faster.

As this is a military expansion game, your number of soldiers could quite possibly be one of the most important factors deciding your success, so you’re going to want to keep this number as high as possible. Leveling up can be done in a couple of ways, including completing campaign battles, using the XP boosts in your inventory, which you get at certain intervals, as well as choosing the “No” option in the Imperial Affairs. These affairs usually involve a nice bonus of either Wealth, Grain or Soldiers as one option, or a couple of XP points as the other. Being a self-sufficient Sultan and declining the extra resources increases your XP, so choose this option if the extra resource isn’t urgently needed at the moment. This can be more useful in the long run and lead to more resources than if you just take the extra. Speaking of Imperial Affairs, that leads us to the next tip.

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