I got to Michigan and was like, let’s answer questions! Super commentary!

Luke: I think next strip needs Grant Morrison level commentary. 1

Joe: I don’t think I’m comfortable with frotting your mind while you sleep and then killing My Chemical Romance. 2

Luke: Alan Moore doesn’t read comics. 3

Joe: He’s busy talking to a hand-puppet.

Luke: “Talking.”

Joe: Yeah.

Luke: So where is the coat from?

Joe: I own it.

Luke: Are you Scott Pilgrim? 4

Joe: No, it’s not a parka, it’s this ratty-ass military jacket I found in a surplus store…

Luke: With an X-men patch? 5

Joe: Nah, that came after.

Luke: And which member of the X-men were you?

Joe: …the sucky one,

Luke: …. Maggot? 6

Joe: Yeah sure.

Luke: I wanted to be Nightcrawler growing up. 7

Joe: He was my favorite in the arcade game.

Luke: The Sega one? 8

Joe: No, the arcade game you know WELCOME TO DIE! 9

Luke: Oh. I had the Sega one with Nightcrawler where you had to tap the reset button to beat Mojo. 10

Joe: Never played that one…

Luke: You had Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and … oh Gambit. So it was pretty much the best characters and Cyclops. 11

Joe: No one loves you, Scott Summers.

Luke: So what is the other shizzle man?

Joe: The what?

Luke: The situation.

Joe: Uhhh…. drawing and self-loathing? 12

Luke: You gotta mix it up. Also we are commentating now. Extended commentating. Ahead of time.

Joe: Oh. Shit.

Luke: Oh, my buddy James is a big fan of your stuff. 13

Joe: Oh… cool… I think. Thanks?

Luke: Yes. That is a big compliment. Fans are good. Repeat after me. I do good work.


Luke: Bad Joe. Shoulda kidnapped you.

Joe: :(

Luke: Cuz Joe Hunter Hunter Con fell through. Want me to hunt you down the 2nd and 3rd?

Joe: Huh?

Luke: Rusty and I can hunt you down. Since JHHC fell through

Joe: Okay… hate to drag Rusty/Jay/J***** out again though… 15

Luke: Well I’d come no matter what.

Joe: Jesus christ I’ve never met someone with a list of aliases before

Luke: I am also Curt Franklin and Chris Haley and Koltreg. 16


Luke: And Chippy@Eskimobob.com 17


Luke: And lichicorn. And kuberrrebeck. And mattchaosbear. And carldarklord. 18

Joe: Uhhh…

Luke: Plus my non-AIM accounts. I serve M.O.D.O.K. 19


Luke: But yeah, I think we still need to hang out.

Joe: Right

Luke: And also we need to marinate a fish. We can teach you to marinate a fish. 20

Joe: Ooookay. Already know how to do that…

Luke: So you gotta marinate it fast or you end up with ceviche. Have you had ceviche? 21

Joe: So how did stuff go on saturday anyway? Yeah I know, the acid will semi-cook the fish and yes.

Luke: Saturday was swell, I hung up with Rusty Shackles and we visited Dark Star and Super Fly. 22

Joe: Cool

Luke: And then he had to go and he got sick while I got Skyline Chili. Skyline Chili: It isn’t getting you sick! 23

Joe: Ah jeez.

Luke: You made Rusty Shackles sick! Indirectly!

Joe: :(

Luke: Inform your parents the next time they make you go to a funeral. They might be sending another person to their doom!

Joe: Goddamnit I’m sorry

Luke: It is cool. I enjoy messing with you. Anything else we can discuss for this super commentary?

Joe: Uhhh…

Luke: What is the best thing a dragon can breath?

Joe: Cool Whip. Burn you to death with deliciousness.

Luke: Flaming Cool Whip?

Joe: Yes

Luke: That would be pretty horrible though.

Joe: Dairy napalm? Yeah.

Luke: And what type of dragon are we talking about here? European? Asian? Fin Fang Foom space dragon? 24

Joe: That one

Luke: Does he have the arm of Saint George? For revenge? 25

Joe: Yes

Luke: We are gonna Grant Morrison this dragon. 26

Joe: Oh baby

Luke: It’s toenails are the nails of the cross to the left of Jesus’ and everything else will be pretty good and secret for now.

Joe: lol

1. Grant Morrison is a comic writer who puts tons of complex and obscure stuff in his comics. He is secretly Chris Sims. 1a.

2. My Chemical Romance is a band. It preforms songs about covalent bonds?

3. Alan Moore wrote The Watchmen, a comic about a rock band. He lost his eyes and never writes now.

4. Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler.

5. X-men are radical dudes with attitudes.

6. Maggot had two maggots that lived inside of him. That was his super power.

7. Nightcrawler was British and he joined a German super hero team. I think.

8. The Sega was a console starring Sonic the Hedgehog.

9. Die is an up and coming neighborhood in Genosha.

10. It was total bullshit. I also never got that far.

11. Cyclops was the son of Poseidon who was blinded by Ulysses when he got drunk in Ireland.

12. The classic novel buy Hunter S. Thompson.

13. Senor James.

14. Joe is referencing Naruto episode 12.

15. Rustherford Von Shackletonston

16. Curt Franklin and Chris Haley make Let’s Gangbang Again!

17. All of these things coming along are actually my AIM accounts.

18. I was going to use the last two for a novel. A lichicorn is a lich and a unicorn.

19. AIM is Advanced Idea Mechanics who made M.O.D.O.K. into the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

20. I promised to discuss marinating fish.

21. Remember that episode of Archer?

22. Dark Star and Super Fly Comics are over in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

23. Skyline Chili is amazing food.

24. Fin Fang Foom has no genitals.

25. Saint George killed a dragon.

26. Grant Morrison has long annotations.


See you for the next update!