Welcome to Week 2 of Changeling, this wacky webcomic that you have no idea what it is about except there is a dead diver, two guys in a van of mystery and something to do with a changeling I guess? (Surprise – this will be a hardcore sex comic! All of your fetishes will be met! (No it won’t and no they will not be.))

Right now we are figuring out what to do with the site so getting word back from you helps. Do you enjoy Joe and I commentating on comics? Do you want to follow Fake Joe Hunter on Twitter (you can) or do you want a forum? We are pretty open to do anything that won’t spoil stuff. (Spoilers: This is secretly a project where people on a hidden forum vote on what happens in the comic and then we make you think we though… lost my train of thought…)

But yeah, feedback is wonderful, thank you for coming and visiting the site and if you came from Socialfist, check out Ghostbucket and if you can from Ghostbucket, check out Socialfist. If you came from DC Versus Marvel, you are lying. Get out of here. Go actually read the blog.

Pax for now. Big news next update.